LC-II Load Cell Calibrator, Revere

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• Versatile load cell calibrator with multiple functions • Display, test, simulate, source—all in one unit • Rechargeable Lithium-ion battery • SD card for data logging • USB computer connection • On-screen user manual

The VPG Transducers Model LC-II is a portable, multifunction, precision instrument for strain gage load cell system testing and calibration. This model now includes the powerful ARM processor, a display function (ideal for portable scales or ield readings), an SD Card for data logging, a USB port for connection to a computer for certiicates or spreadsheets, and a long lasting Lithiumion battery pack. Supplied complete with carrying case, charger, and leads.


Load cell Display Function: Show mass, force, strain, or torque from load cells; set mV/V, range, decimal point, and units; zero and span trim; select tare, peak hold.Test Load Cell Function: Connect the load cell leads to spring terminals and get a readout of 4- or 6-wire, zero balance, input and output resistance, bridge balance, etc. Test Insulation Function: Connect the leads to screen, housing, and gage to get a 50V insulation test between each in megohms. Measurement Function: Show mV output, excitation voltage, mA outputs for systems, etc. Source Function: High accuracy mV injection and mA output for workshop or ield calibration of ampliiers and indicators. Convert Function: Change between different mass units; grams, Newtons, ton, kilograms, etc.


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REVERELC-II LC-II Load Cell Calibrator, Revere
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