• The SAUTER test stand TPE has been developed specifically for peel testing. Typically this involves pulling a bonded material layer from a base material (see diagram) • Safe reliable operation due to the crank • As a general rule the significant value in this process is the force required to pull away the top layer from bonded material • The SAUTER TPE has been designed such that the force measuring unit exerting the force simultaneously moves sidewards and upwards. This means that a peel-off movement is produced, avoiding shear forces which could distort the result. • The test unit moves at an angle of 45° to the horizontal. The force-measurement device is fitted in an exact vertical position • Suitable for all SAUTER force-measuring devices up to 500 N (not included)Technical data • Travel distance per knob rotation (one stroke): 3,1 mm • Maximum stripping length: 105 mm • Overall dimensions W×D×H 420x215x480 mm • Net weight approx. 22 kg
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TPE. KERN JALUSTA, MANUAALINEN test stand Max 500 N 280,00 €
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