Non-slip clamping of NILOS-Rings

When using locking rings, the type of design with NILOS-Spacer-Rings is especially recommended when installing NILOS-Rings. These are matched for optimum clamping by means of Seeger L-rings to compensate for axial play.

In addition, trouble-free installation is guaranteed by including a NILOS-Spacer-Ring when using a normal locking ring. The width of the spacer ring prevents any jamming of the NILOS-Ring in the groove of the locking ring and installation pliers cannot collide with the bevelling on the NILOS-Ring.

The various types of NILOSSpacer-Ring depend on the relevant shaft or housing diameter. They can be used for almost all types of NILOSRings for inner and outer sealing with the exception of the series 618, 619 and AK rings. The material is a form of die-cast zinc. The usable temperature range under heavy loading is 100 °C max.

It is sufficient to give the abbreviated designation when ordering the relevant NILOS-Ring. For appropriate Seeger circlip L-rings, please send enquiries direct to their technical department.


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