LSTO Labyrinttitiivisteet

LSTO steel disk seal

NILOS-Rings of type LSTO are non-contact, greasefilled labyrinth seals that are elements ready for installation for the relevant shaft and casing diameters. They should be used above all if grease-lubricated bearings are subjected to exceptionally large amounts of dirt, e. g., construction machinery, agricultural machinery, woodworking machinery and conveyor rollers, etc.

These sealing elements fulfil almost ideally the requirements for a seal for a roller bearing; frictional losses and heating up of the bearing are insignificantly small, while the leakage of lubricant and the penetration of dirt are prevented.

NILOS-Rings of type LSTO can be clamped with no slip whatsoever with respect to the roller bearing ring both on the inner and the outer periphery in the axial direction. The adjacent table gives the corresponding shoulder dimensions WA and WJ.

Designation: The NILOS-Ring abbreviation 30 x 55 LSTO indicates a steel disk seal that is ready for installation for a roller bearing with an internal diameter of 30 mm and an external diameter of 55 mm.

It is sufficient to give the abbreviated designation when ordering the relevant NILOS-Ring.


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